Bishop Briggs (UK) - River
Tame Impala (AUS) - The Less I Know The Better
The Faint (US) - Damage Control
Qasar (FR) - Radiowaves
Ropoporose (FR) - Birdbus
Coma (DE) - Atlantis
Diam's (FR) - La Boulette
Head Wound City (US) - Scraper
BenNasr AlGhandour (FR) - Raymond, le bûcheron
José Gonzales (SE) - Stay Alive
Beanie Sigel & Dirt Mcgirt (US) - When You Hear That
The American Dolar (US) - Mosaic
Beware of Safety (CA) - Mabon
Wilhelm and dancing animals (SP) - Wake Up
Decibelles (FR) - Sleep Sleep
Belle and Sebastian (UK) - The Everlasting Muse
Totorro (FR) - Chevalier Bulltoe
Piglet (US) - Mad science
Sir Sly (US) - Gold
Alt-J (UK) - Warm Foothills
Ratatat (US) - Drugs
An Albatross (US) - The revolutionary politics of dance
Melt Banana (JP) - Blank page of the blind
Koudlam (FR) - The Landsc Apes
Civil Civic (UK) - Mayfield
The Notwist (DE) - Close to the Glass
The Faint (US) - Help in the head
Decibelles (FR) - Speed F***ing
From monument to masses (US) - Beyond God & Elvis
EinZweiDreiVier! (FR) - Bliss
Vive la fête (BE) - Noir Désir
Acapulco Lips (US) - Acalpulco Lips
Electric Electric (FR) - Summer's Eye
Anthony Hamilton (US) - Freedom
Ssion (US) - Earthquake
L'age d'or (FR) - Clouds
Ssion (US) - Earthquake
Lady (US) - Get ready
Owen Temple Quartet (FR) - My wild spanish love
The Chainsaw Blues Cowboys (FR) - You Better
Listener (US) - Good News First
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (US) - Sacrilege
Dérive (UK) - Sing it to the river
Electric Electric (FR) - Hydraviolet
Grappler (UK) - I'm Everything I've Ever Feared
Zeus! (IT) - Sick and destroy
Lack (DK) - Marathon Man
Bonobo (UK) - Cirrus
Monaco Monaco (FR) - Except today (live)
Philip Glass (US) - Rework
Departures (UK) - Teenage Haze
Metz (CA) - Wet Blanket
Mogwai (UK) - Wizard Motor
Wolf Parade (CA) - Little Golden Age
Can (DE) - Oh Yeah
Jonathan Wilson (US) - Desert Raven
Arno (BE) - The Show Of Life
Die Antwoord (ZA) - Fatty Boum Boum
Amon Tobin (BR) - Kitty Cat
Lightning Bolt (US) - King Candy
Elevate Newton's Theory (FR) - Nasty Boomerang
Alt J (UK) - Something Good
The Locust (US) - Perils of Believing..
The Face and The Feel (FR) - You gotta Slow Down
The Docs (FR) - Don't Give up
Metric (CA) - Artifcial Nocturne
65daysofstatic (UK) - The Last Dance
Papier Tigre (FR) - I'm someone who dies
Mystery jets (UK) - badlands
Aphrodite's Baby (FR) - Larry Kubiac
Suis la lune (SE) - In confidence
Cloud nothings (US) - No Sentiment
Django Django (UK) - Wor
Chromatics (US) - Back from the grave
Shearwater (US) - Animal Life
EinZweiDreiVier! (FR) - Computer Love
Valerian Swing (IT) - Pleng
Koudlam (FR) - Sunny Day
Retox (US) - 10 Pounds of Shit




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